Totem is here to help with friendly advice to help with your new appliance purchase. There have been remarkable improvements in appliances over the years so when it's time to replace things can get a little daunting sometimes. That's where Totem's knowledgeable staff & GE Appliance Centre with live working models can help you sort out what is best for your needs and budget.

At GE, we work hard to make our appliances more efficient, with advanced technologies and superior settings. Our washers are loaded with features perfect for getting your laundry cleaner and saving you time and money.

With a sleek, modern appearance that compliments any kitchen, a GE Gas Range offers many cooking features that make easy work of a simple meal for one, a large dinner party, and everything in between.

As the largest and most visible appliance in your kitchen, your refrigerator has to look great. With GE, you never have to sacrifice substance for style. Our refrigerators lead the industry in food preservation and convenient features.

With advanced technology and superior settings, our dishwashers are loaded with features perfectly designed to save you time, save you money, and get your dishes cleaner.

If you’re interested in storing frozen meats and meals longer than in a normal refrigerator freezer, consider adding a GE freezer to your line-up of home appliances. GE deep freeze freezers are available in chest and upright models to fit your storage need

GE microwaves make everyday cooking and cleanup simple, and our over-the-range microwaves are no exception. Choose various cooking technologies, features, and sleek, modern appearances for your next microwave.

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